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Question Reality

Posted on February 1, 2015 with 0 comments
I sat in at a Jam Session and didn't feel good about my performance. Sometimes it's difficult to feel the groove with a crew of musicians who may not be listening to the singer in order to know where the progression is going - even after you give it to them before you start. Thank goodness I play the bass and they had to move with me.

Anyhow, I cut the song short. But, when I came off stage, several musicians and non-musicians came up to me and gave measurable responses of how they liked the performance. That made me realize I did better than I thought I did. It made me question reality....

For example, as I was performing, there were people dancing. I heard people singing the background lyrics. I saw smiles and nods of appreciation. The audience gave a loud round of applause. And, the musicians on the stage were waiting for me to do another song.

So, my interpretation of reality was wrong. Now I know that I was my worst critique in the performance. Yes I know I have and could have performed differently. But, the audience was appreciative of what I did do. So, I'm gonna adjust my reality to go along with the audience. Yes, I did good. Next time I will do Great!