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SaNa: Music

SaNa Slide

(SaNa, Shady & Frog)
March 22, 2009
SaNa & Biggg Shady
Check out the SaNa Slide on to learn how to do the dance. Please send me a copy if you video the dance. I would truly appreciate it.
SaNa Slide

4 Shoops To The Right
4 Shoops To The Left
Bounce Back 4
Bounce Front 4 More

Turn To The Right
Move To The Left
Shake It On Down, Down, Down, Down Down
All By Yourself

Ready For The Jerk?

Now Do The Jerk [Larks]
Show Me How You Work
Dance Real Smooth
Cause It’s The Cool Jerk

You Jerk Like You Know It
And Ain’t Afraid To Show It
Jerk Your Body With Your Head Back
You Know I Like It Like That

SaNa Slide

Remember the Monkey?

Do The Monkey [Major Lance]
Make It Do What It Do
You Can Do The Monkey
Mickey’s Monkey Too

Come On Do The Monkey
I Like It A Lot
I Like The Way You Do It
Come On Show Me What You’ve Got

SaNa Slide

Let’s Do The Twist

Come On Baby [Chubby Checker]
Let’s Do The Twist
Come On Baby
Cause I Like It Like This

Let Me Show You How To Do It
Just Do It Just Like This

SaNa Slide

Remember The Hitch Hike?

Now Let’s Hitch Hike
Hitch Hike Baby
Let’s Get On Down Now
I Don’t Mean Maybe

Hitch Hike
Hitch Hike Baby
Let’s Do It
I Don’t Mean Maybe

SaNa Slide

Funky Chicken

The Funky Chicken [Rufus Thomas]
Is A Simple Dance
Just Flap Your Wings
And Wave Your Hands

Wiggle Your Knees Yawl
And Dance Like You Please
Now Do The Funky Chicken
And Do It With Ease

Let’s End With The SaNa Slide